Metal Form Manufacturing is proud to offer noise control solutions to a broad and diverse range of markets and applications through our Commercial Acoustics and Dynasonics divisions.

Market: Motor Silencers

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Motor Silencers

Motor silencers are a specialized type of silencer designed to reduce noise generated by large, industrial equipment motors. The connections for motor silencers are selected to precisely fit the motor fan inlet diameter and the internal silencer area is matched to the connection area so that there are no changes in air velocity. 

The noise reduction for our line of motor silencers ranges from 10dBA to 40dBA for standard sized, depending on the controlling frequency of acoustical interest, including precision engineering for improved low frequency performance.

Our engineering and design team will work to meet your required specifications for broadband noise control applications such as silencers for blowers, engines, stacks, and compressors. Accessories include support legs, acoustic inlet covers, inlet screens, and inspection panels.

Motor Silencer Examples