Energy Saver PreCoolers are engineered for minimum maintenance and long-term, enduring service, ensuring maximum airflow and minimum static drop. It is this level of efficiency that ensures the Energy Saver PreCoolers will significantly reduce energy costs and extend the life of your air conditioning or refrigeration equipment.

Each Energy Saver PreCooler system features the innovative microprocessor regulated (MPR) water supply system and ABS corrosion-proof, UV-inhibited wet section for maximum efficiency.

System Efficiency Savings

The Energy Saver PreCooler system allows for elimination of routine cleaning and removal of airborne debris on condenser coils. In regards to operating costs, electrical expenditures are reduced and "Run Times" are shortened because of lower discharge temperatures. Additionally, lower maintenance costs are obtained by significantly extending the life of the compressor.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

The Energy Saver PreCooler custom design also includes mounting transitions when applicable. This makes it easy to install and easy to maintain.

Cooling with Benefits

The feature-rich Energy Saver PreCooler delivers more than just lower air temperatures:

  • Dramatically reduces operating and maintenance costs.
  • Increases A/C efficiency levels and overall capacity.
  • Adds 5-10 inches of useable PreCooler height by eliminating the need for sump and pump.
  • Readily adjusts to every climatic condition.
  • Delivers consistent, proven performance.
  • Has a customizable design to meet specific applications.

Along with all these features, it comes with a heritage of 36 years of proven HVAC experience.

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