The Energy Saver CellCool is the most versatile evaporative module available.

Designed and manufactured as single or multiple cells, Energy Saver CellCool utilizes the existing fan sections of your new or existing air handlers, regardless of their configuration or size.

CellCool units are uniquely engineered to enable ease of installation. Quality components are used to ensure minimum maintenance, extended life, and durability. This affords you with an outstanding value-to-cost ratio.

Custom Engineering

Each Energy Saver CellCool is custom engineered and sized to match the CFM of your air-handling unit to provide the most effective evaporative cooling configuration possible.

Simplified Installation

The Energy Saver CellCool system considers design, hardware, and factory installed plumbing to make installation simple and easy.

Evaporative Media

The modules utilize evaporative media constructed of self-supporting, long-lasting, rigid cellulose-based Kraft paper.

Wet Section Housing

The housing is manufactured from 3/16" thick corrosion-proof, UV-inhibited ABS material.

Product Information