Energy Saver's Microprocessor Regulated (MPR) water supply system revolutionizes the HVAC industry by eliminating the high maintenance components normally associated with evaporative water delivery systems.

Energy Saver MPR's innovative technology measures ambient outside temperature and then processes this information to determine the most efficient water supply to your system's cooling media using a predetermined time schedule. The MPR then delivers water to your evaporative system's media for maximum cooling with minimum water usage. It's cooler because it's smarter!

Cooling with Innovation

The Energy Saver MPR is a powerful microcomputer system that requires only a single 24VAC-power source to operation - there are no floats, pumps or sumps to maintain or replace.

Cooling with Awareness

The Energy Saver MPR system accurately controls the "on" and "off" times of the valve drive electronics and has the ability to auto-detect the presence of an optional remote thermostat and/or Auto-Freeze plug-in board to obtain temperature measurements.

Cooling with Value

With an ability to provide an innovative, highly reliable digital solution to sustain efficiency of a traditional evaporative system and to increase the life span of its evaporative media, the Energy Saver MPR offers predictable performance consistent year after year, adding indispensable value to your HVAC system.

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