Metal Form Manufacturing is proud to offer noise control solutions to a broad and diverse range of markets and applications through our Commercial Acoustics and Dynasonics divisions.

Market: Industrial

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For over 50 years, we have been dedicated to providing the industrial market with acoustical solutions. Working with project teams to determine the best systems to reduce or eliminate industrial sound issues, our comprehensive range of products address noise in ventilation systems, from HVAC systems and plenum equipment to factory noise, and more. 

Creating Better Environments

Noise control regulations help to protect people and the environment. Our approach to industrial noise control plays a key role in in meeting guidelines and creating better environments for employees and those who live and work nearby industrial facilities. 

Industrial Silencers

Industrial silencers, also known as industrial exhaust silencers, are engineered to reduce noise pollution from equipment like generators, compressors, and exhaust systems. These devices harness the principles of acoustic engineering to dampen sound waves through absorption, diffusion, or interference. Industrial silencers include rugged construction, tuned expansion chambers, and include an absorptive section (depending on model) for critical applications.

Acoustical Panels and Enclosures

Acoustical Panels and Enclosures include systems designed for specific applications such as air handling units, generator sets, plenum chambers, and mechanical equipment enclosures. These products are constructed with a selection of materials that are chosen based on their installed conditions, to help ensure durability and effectiveness in sound attenuation.

Acoustical Louvers

Acoustical Louvers are engineered for durability and versatile installation, and feature options in aluminum, stainless steel, and natural fiber with mold-resistant acoustical fill. They are designed to be acoustically effective, while offering a variety of finishes and linings to suit diverse environmental conditions and aesthetic preferences.

Generator Enclosures

With a focus on flexibility, Generator Enclosures are available in modular constructions that can be adapted for drop-over, skid-mount, or field-erected installations. They can be customized to include acoustical louvers, sound attenuators, mufflers, and acoustical doors, and tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

Project work includes:

  • Eli Lilly
  • IBM
  • Motorola
  • Intel
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