Metal Form Manufacturing is proud to offer noise control solutions to a broad and diverse range of markets and applications through our Commercial Acoustics and Dynasonics divisions.

Market: Equipment Enclosures

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Equipment Enclosures

Implementing effective noise control solutions for equipment requires a step-by-step approach engineered for each specific environment. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment generate noise and typically require strategies for noise mitigation.

This involves assessing the noise sources, determining the appropriate noise control methods, and regularly evaluating their effectiveness. Solutions range from adding barriers or enclosures around noisy equipment to more complex strategies like redesigning workflow to minimize noise exposure. Combining these approaches often leads to a highly effective outcome. Our solutions are all custom engineered and can address both interior and exterior noise.

Acoustical Panels

Modular acoustical panels are designed and pre-engineered to offer an acoustical, thermal, air-tight, and self-supporting HVAC plenum or equipment enclosure with easy job-site installation. Options include access doors, acoustical fill linings, solid/solid and “septum” configurations, as well as custom materials including aluminum and stainless steel. Optional powder coat or corrosion resistant coating is also available.

Barrier Wall Systems 

Our barrier walls are designed to control HVAC, industrial, mechanical, and other sources of noise. Examples include noise produced by air handling units, chillers, compressors, fans, rooftop mechanical equipment, etc.

Assembled from our acoustical panels, our barrier wall systems and are designed to client specifications to create a durable, cost-effective, and effective noise control solution.

Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Equipment Enclosures 

With a focus on flexibility, equipment enclosures are available in modular constructions that can be adapted for drop-over, skid-mount, or field-erected installations. They can be customized to include acoustical louvers, sound attenuators, mufflers, and acoustical doors, and tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

For those seeking effective solutions in noise reduction and sound control, our diverse range of products provides reliable and customizable options to meet the acoustic challenges of any industrial environment.

HVAC Plenums and Equipment Casings 

Controlling noise created by air-conditioning equipment is an important step in creating a better building environment. Our plenums and equipment casings provide effective noise control through sound absorption and sound transmission loss.

We design and manufacture plenum enclosures for HVAC applications to be erected in the field, each customized to specific acoustical, structural, and ventilation requirements.


  • Air Handling Units
  • Exhaust Air Plenums
  • Panel Duct Systems

Acoustical Louvers

Acoustical louvers are an attractive way to allow sufficient ventilation as well as sound attenuation. The aerodynamically designed internal geometry allows air to flow through with minimal pressure drop and maximum sound attenuation. Our acoustical louvers are available in various construction materials, sizes, and finishes allowing this noise control product solution to be used in any noise control application while also meeting architectural/visual requirements. 

Acoustical Louvers are often used in applications including:

  • Building Ventilation
  • Generator Room Intake and Discharge Vents
  • Incorporate into an Acoustic Barrier Wall System
  • Acoustical Enclosure Ventilation
  • Air-Cooled Chiller Enclosures
  • Pump Room Ventilation
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