What Are Roof Curbs and What’s Their Purpose?

When it comes to protecting the integrity of a commercial roof system and the integrity of the equipment mounted on the roof, every detail matters. This includes the components that keep our roofs functional and secure, such as roof curbs. This article will explain what a roof curb is, explore roof curb systems, and highlight the importance of details in their design and selection.

Roof Curb Example

Understanding Roof Curbs: A Fundamental Component in Construction

When it comes to constructing a durable and functional roof, one key element often comes into play: the roof curb. What is a roof curb? Simply put, a roof curb is a frame or structure that is used to support equipment on a roof without compromising the integrity of the roofing system. They are not merely structural elements; they are integral to ensuring that installations like HVAC systems, skylights, and vent pipes remain secure and effective.

Roof Curb Systems: The Backbone of Roof Equipment Installation

The Significance of Roof Curb Detail

Each roof curb is meticulously crafted to provide a seamless interface with the roof, to help ensure that structural integrity is maintained.

Ensures Watertight Integration

A critical element of roof curb systems is their ability to repel water effectively. This is especially vital in flat roof curb detail where water pooling can be a concern.

Structural Endurance for Longevity

Roof curbs must withstand the forces of nature, from gale-force winds to heavy snow loads. Metal Form Manufacturing (MFM) is made with 18 gauge galvanized steel and continuous and continuously welded seams to reinforce the curbs to help endure stress over time.

Compliance with Building Codes and Standards

MFM is committed to compliance with the latest building codes and industry standards. Their roof curbs are built to last, and designed to meet or exceed the regulatory requirements, in order to make sure that your project adheres to all safety and quality guidelines.

Insulation and Energy Considerations

A lesser-known aspect of roof curbs is their role in a building's thermal envelope. MFM's roof curbs can be outfitted with insulation to prevent thermal bridging, where heat or cold could otherwise transfer through the metal, which can impact the building's overall energy efficiency.

Roof Curb Applications

Roof curbs have versatile applications that make them an essential part of commercial construction. They include:

HVAC Systems

Roof curbs are used as a sturdy base for HVAC systems because they are able to withstand vibrations and the elements while also preventing damage to the roof.


Skylights require precision curbs to ensure proper water drainage and insulation. Poorly designed or installed skylights can lead to water leakage and energy inefficiency.

Rooftop Fans and Vents

Roof curbs support these types of installations, by allowing adequate ventilation and air flow.

Roof Access Hatches

Roof curbs can provide a secure and leak-proof base for access hatches, which is crucial when routine roof maintenance is required.

Solar Panel Mountings

The growing adoption of renewable energy has increased the demand for roof curbs in solar panel installation, as they help to ensure that panels are secure and correctly aligned.

The appropriate roof curb for your project depends on the specific application and roof structure. An expert in roof curb systems can guide you in selecting the right equipment for your needs.

The Variety of Roof Curb Options from Metal Form Manufacturing (MFM)

MetalForm Manufacturing (MFM) offers a range of roof curb systems designed to meet the diverse needs of new construction and facility upgrades. Their products are engineered for ease of installation, durability, and compliance with building codes. Here are some of the benefits of choosing MFM's roof curb systems:

MFM's Premier Roof Curb Options

Adjustable Self-Flashing Roof Curbs

Adjustable Self-Flashing Roof Curbs are designed to adjust to any roof pitch, which makes them a versatile option for a variety of roofing scenarios. Manufactured with heavy gauge galvanized steel, safety and durability are at the forefront of its design.

Insulated/Acoustical Roof Curbs

Insulated/Acoustical Roof Curbs provide excellent insulation with a choice of 1-½, 3-½, and 5-1/2 -inch thick rigid insulation. They are perfect for applications necessitating temperature control, because they provide energy efficiency, and minimize condensation risks.

Cant Style Roof Curbs

Cant Style Roof Curbs have a unique design that provides an angled surface built into the curb that allows for a smooth transition from the curb to the roof surface. This limits the amount of water that pools at the base of the curb and aids in the prevention of water damage.

Why Opt for MFM’s Roof Curb Systems?

Choosing the right roof curb system can be a game-changer for your construction or facility management projects. MFM’s roof curbs offer unparalleled benefits:

  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications, from HVAC units to exhaust fans
  • Innovation: Incorporates the latest in design and materials technology
  • Expertise: Backed by MFM's extensive experience in metal form manufacturing

Choose Metal Form Manufacturing for Superior Roof Curb Solutions

When it comes to roof curb solutions, Metal Form Manufacturing (MFM) is the leading choice for professionals. In business since 1967, we understand the unique challenges of different roofing systems and have built our products to meet those needs. MFM Roof Curbs are not only robust and efficient, but also designed with precision to ensure seamless integration with your roof. Whether you're installing a new HVAC system, upgrading your skylight, or planning to mount solar panels, MFM has a roof curb solution that's just right for you.

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