Raw materials

Raw Materials Trends & Pricing - Steps to Help

Since late summer 2020, prices for many of the materials we use in our manufacturing, including fiberglass, steel, and wood for packaging, have experienced sharp increases. We are also experiencing a significant capacity issue with all LTL and TL freight carriers. There are steps you can take now to ensure you are limiting your risk in terms of increased costs on products before your quote has expired.

Outstanding Quotes

If you have an outstanding quote that has not yet expired, now is an important time to follow up on the status of the project with your customer. To secure the price quoted, the product needs to be released, for production, prior to the quote expiration date. This can help avoid an updated quote, which may reflect an increase in costs.

Steps We're Taking to Help

Our goal is always to provide a great value – through our pricing and service. And we know how important it is to get products when you need them.

After the Quote is Provided (For quotes that exceed $10K net or as requested)

  • Within approximately 2-3 weeks, we will have an initial follow up on the quote.
  • After the initial follow up, we strive to follow up monthly.
  • Before a quote expires, it's possible that you could hear from us at least three times!

Please note that we do not typically follow-up on quotes under $10K net unless it's a very custom project or it's specifically requested by our customer.

Please contact us if we can help with your next project quote!