Key Steps to An Efficient Estimate

Key Steps to an Efficient Quote - RFQ Checklist

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RFQ Checklist

We manufacture all products to our standard specifications or to your specific, customized request. One way to ensure that we can return quotations and selection details quickly is to provide some key pieces of information.

For pricing only, please include the following (if not indicated on the schedule):

✓ Schedule, specification and/or drawing(s) pertinent to the Sound Attenuators (If available)

✓ Quantity

✓ Orientation (straight or elbow)

✓ Width x Height or Diameter dimensions

✓ Centerline length

✓ Optional Fill (MoldBlock or No-Fill), if required

✓ Optional Fill Protection Liners (Mylar, Tedlar, Fiberglass Cloth, etc.)

✓ Optional HTL/STC Casing (You must provide equivalent gauge thickness or STC rating)

✓ Optional materials of construction such as Aluminum, 304 Stainless Steel or 316 Stainless Steel

Additional information needed for an actual selection:


Duty (supply or return)

✓ Does the noise travel in the same direction as air flow or in the opposite direction?

MF forward flow and reverse flow drawings

✓ Maximum Allowable Static Pressure Loss that can be added to the system due to the silencer

✓ Minimum Required Dynamic Insertion Loss in dB

Please contact us for more information or to request an estimate for your next project!