Sound Control

Our Commercial Acoustics acoustical product applications include industrial noise control and HVAC noise control. We can attenuate noise from HVAC systems, building openings, ventilation systems, plenum equipment, and industrial equipment.

Commercial Acoustics helps you make sound decisions with quality acoustical analysis, engineering, and products. We manufacture all products to our standard specifications or to your specific, customized, request.

Our acoustical products include:

  • Equipment Sound Enclosures & Barrier Systems
  • Plenum HVAC Enclosures
  • Circular & Rectangular Silencers in Dissipative and Reactive Designs
  • Transfer Silencers
  • Acoustical Louvers
  • Custom Axial Fan Silencers
  • Modular Acoustical & Absorption Panels

Commercial Acoustics’ products are easily installed, sturdy, and built-to-last. We offer a wide array of construction options including aluminum, stainless steel, natural fiber mold resistant acoustical fill, and several types of linings, ranging from acoustically transparent to completely impervious.