Port-A-Cool Evaporative Media Pads - FREE SHIPPING!

Energy Saver's Port-A-Cool evaporative media pads are made with the highest-quality, virgin kraft paper for maximum performance and consists of alternating corrugated sheets having two different angles
The 15 degree angle slopes downward towards the discharge side of the cooler. The steeper 45 degree angle should slope downward towards the fan.
NOTE: New pads may have a slight “start-up” odor. This odor occurs from the dust created during the manufacturing process. 
To reduce this, the media should be washed for several hours by running the pump without any airflow through the pads. Drain the water pan, refill with fresh water and start up the system. Repeat if deemed necessary. This procedure also helps the wetting ability of your new pads. The odor will also dissipate over time by installing a purge pump or a bleed-off tee.
Replacement media is supplied in multipule sections and may not fit as tightly into your portable evaporative cooler as the original pads. 
IMPORTANT:  Cooler media MUST be installed correctly or the air will not be cooled as much as it could be.
16" Model Compare to PAD6024/G (Set of 3 Pads)
SKU:Media Kit 16
Replacement Media for 16" Model & Jetstream 1600
Compare to PN: PAD6024/G
3 pcs 12" x 24" x 6"
Regular Price: $110.00
Everyday Low Price: $60.95
24" Model Compare to PAD6036/G (Set of 4 Pads)
SKU:Media Kit 24
Replacement Media for 24" Model & Jetstream 2400
Compare to PN: PAD6036/G
4 pcs 12" x 36" x 6"
Regular Price: $155.00
Everyday Low Price: $121.55
36" Model Compare to PAD6048/G (Set of 5 Pads)
SKU:Media Kit 36
Replacement Media for 36" Model
Compare to PN: PAD6048/G
5 pcs 12" x 48" x 6"
Regular Price: $250.00
Everyday Low Price: $197.85
48" Model Compare to PAD6060/G (Set of 6 Pads)
SKU:Media Kit 48
Replacement Media for 48" Model
Compare to PN: PAD6060/G
6 pcs 12" x 60" x 6"
Regular Price: $407.00
Everyday Low Price: $321.45
Port-A-Cool Replacement Pad Set PAC6019/22 for Cyclone 2000
SKU:Media Kit 2000
Replacement Media for Cyclone 2000
Compare to PN: PAD6019/22
(2 pcs 5" x 19" x 6" & 1 pc 12" x 19" x 6")
Regular Price: $120.00
Everyday Low Price: $71.95
Port-A-Cool Replacement Pad Set PAC6022.5/26 for Cyclone 3000
SKU:Media Kit 3000
Replacement Media for Cyclone 3000
Compare to PN: PAD6022.5/26
(2 pcs 7" x 22.5" x 6" & 1 pc 12" x 22.5" x 6")
Regular Price: $145.00
Everyday Low Price: $84.20